My Candle

My candle burns for all the world. My candle burns for you. And, while I pray for all the world, I ‘specially pray for you.


If you need a jolt of happiness, it isn’t very hard. Just glance at all the daffodils, bright, dancing in the yard.

Chores in the Springtime

Household chores don’t int’rest me. I do not want to do them. The best that I can manage is to muck and muddle through them. I’d rather far step out the door and see the signs of spring. The leafing buds and first shy blooms just cause my heart to sing.


If I were a Rabbit, I’d live right here. I’d graze on the tulips and I’d smirk. I’d chomp them down and I’d hop around, and, I’d never do a single lick of work.


There won’t be tulips for me this year. I have a sneaking hunch that those pesky, pushy rabbits are all thanking me for their lunch.


The daffodils turn their laughing faces toward the April sun. Dancing in golden happiness. Opening one by one.

The Candle

My candle burns for all the world. My candle burns for me. My candle burns so there’ll be light for all the world to see.

Clock Rebellion

It’s Daylight Savings Time again. Remind me why we do it. Remind me what it’s all about… and why we still go through it.


I’m sending you a rainbow. Butterflies.  A turtle dove. I’m sending you a happy day. I’m sending you my love.

Clock Rebellion

What if we said: We just won’t do it? What if we said: We won’t go through it? What if we said: That’s tough!  Goodbye! What if we said: We won’t comply? Would the world collapse outside our door? Would stock price fall right through the floor? Or, would all cheer and shout: No More!…


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