Uvalde, Texas

The Uvalde children haunt me. Always shadows on my mind. Little faces fade to darkness. Only mem’ries stay behind.

Thoughts for Cheryl

Life without Tucker just isn’t the same. No walk to the beach. No ball-fetching game. No picking up dog toys or poop in the yard. Life without Tucker’s incredibly hard.

Forgetful Old Age

There are some who plead senility. But, that’s not what is wrong with me. I’m very happy to explain: I’ve COVID Virus of the Brain.

Royalty Watching

Queen Elizabeth is dead. King Charles is on the throne. We savor England’s royalty ‘cause we have none of our own. We could use a Royal Family to sparkle up our news… some folks we’d all tsk-tsk about, who’d gripe us and amuse.

Uvalde, Texas

The Uvalde children haunt me. I can hear their muffled cry. “Mama?  There’s a shooter…. Mama?  Will I die?”

No News is Good News

The news is what’s NOT happening. The trains WON’T go on strike. Commerce WILL keep flowing. Our prices MIGHT NOT hike.

King Charles III

Charles ascended to the throne. He’s well prepared.  He’s ready. In a world that’s filled with turbulence, let’s pray his reign is steady.

Yesterday.  Today.  Tomorrow.

What is today if not tomorrow? A little more joy?  A little more sorrow? And, after all, what’s yesterday? Each is only a day away.


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