Health Report

My problem is extreme old age. Prognosis is:  incurable. I medicate with Starbucks, and, that makes it quite endurable.

Today’s Candle

May this candle’s bright, clear light stay with you through this day. And may it give support to you in all you do and say.

thoughts on Snow and Rain

There’s still wet snow on the deck and the grass. It’ll take awhile for this all to pass. But, I have to say that i feel better when precipitation is warmer and wetter.

  December Snow

The night is dark. The sky hangs low. The air is raw and chill. From the sodden, leaden clouds the snow falls as it will.

The Candle

In the darkness of the night, there burns a candle flame. The flame is steady.  Clear and true. It’s burning in your name.

Snow!   Snow!

Snow!  Snow!  Go Away! Melt Off, and Do Not Tarry! Come again some other day. Perhaps in January.

Mukilteo Schools

The Mukilteo schools are closed. The weather made a mess. Power’s off.  Roads are bad. It’s just unsafe, I guess.

Today’s Blessing

These blessings come to soothe your day and ease your troubled heart. These blessings come to lend support to forge another start.

November Snow

My driveway’s white with winter snow. There’ll be no comin’ or goin’. The snow fell quiet in the night. Not a blade of grass is showin’.

Today’s Blessing

Before you go to sleep tonight, know that you are Blessed. And may a miracle of love surround you as you rest.


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