Uvalde, Texas

The Uvalde children haunt me. It’s been a year today. Grown-ups failed our children. We bow our heads.  We pray.


Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps the best there’s been! We leave the past behind us. We get to try again..


When a person needs a blessing, here’s a simple place to start. You’ll always find a blessing tucked down in your very own heart.


A blessing.  A prayer. And a lullaby. A hope for a happy heart. May all these go along with you as your day begins tts start.

Allen, Texas

Another time. Another place, A killer loads his gun. Another life. Or many more. The horror just goes on.

Everyday Wishes

Ev’ry day I wish for you the BEST the day can bring. Ev’ry day I wish for you a day that makes you sing. Ev’ry day I wish you happiness in ev’ry way. And, that is what I wish for you again, this very day.


They’re crowning their King Charles and the pageantry is grand. They’re having celebrations everywhere across their land. They’re filled with pomp and circumstance and royal history, and they set if off with great eclat to dazzle you and me. It’s a festive day in England as they crown another king, even ‘tho they must be…

Wheelbarrow Full of Petunias

I planted my petunias. Joy! Hurrah! It does appear that the ‘barrow’s rusty bottom will hold out another year!

Blessings Today

May this day be filled with blessings. May your heart be filled with song. May each footstep bring contentment. Every moment.  All day long.


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