Dr. Fauci Says:  It’s Ending….

Dr. Fauci says:  It’s ending.

Says:  The future’s not so bleak.

Says:  There’ll still be lots of trouble

as we lurch from week to week.

Fauci says:  It’s largely over,

that the worst is now behind,

that there’s light behind the shadows

and some hope can fill our mind.

Still, infections keep on rising

as new variants are found,

and it still feels pretty scary

with the risks that hang around.

It’s been two years of trouble….

months and months of dread and woe.

Schools and businesses were shuttered…

hunkered down…. no place to go.

Still, we’re coming out of darkness

from the depths of COVID night.

We can feel a little hopeful—

there may be an end in sight.

Mrs. Curry

Mrs. Curry doesn’t worry

about what I don’t know.

Mrs. Curry thinks about

the ways to help me grow.

Mrs. Curry doesn’t flurry or

fly into a stew

when I’m not quick to

understand or make a math miscue.

Mrs. Curry thinks about

the usefulness of math,

and helps me find the ways that I

grow smarter on that path.