Leaving the House in the Virus Era

They’re selling Mask Extenders now

for us who don’t quite hear.

It’s another Virus item—this one

rides below the ear.

So we add the mask extender

to the items we prepare,

and mark off all the things we need

to go most anywhere.

Now we step outside the house

with shopping list in hand.

We carry a little bottle,

so to sanitize our hand.

We have our purse.  We have our keys.

We have our hearing aids.

We have a handy telephone.

We have our walking aids.

We have our credit cards and cash.

Insurance proof in case we crash.

A license shows that we can drive.

A bag to use when we arrive.

We think about what else we need

to help us make our day succeed.

 The only thing that isn’t there

is a card that shows we’ve Medicare.

We have our COVID Virus mask.

We’re now all set for any task.

We’ve thought the outing through and through,

prepared for all we want to do.








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