Robo Call Harassment

The Robos are all calling.

I’m afraid to leave my door.

They say:  The Sky is Falling!

My whole world is Safe No More!

The Sheriff’s men are on their way!

I’m about to lose my Credit!

The IRS has garnished me!

Oh, Woe!  They’ve surely said it!

They want my credit cards, my checks,

my password and PIN number.

Their demands pound in so ceaselessly

I feel my brain go numb-er.

I must share with them my assets.

I must send them all my cash.

I must reveal my secret numbers

that lay bare my hidden stash!

There ought to be a Stop to This.

There Ought to Be a Law!

(I especially hate the middle aged men

who plaintively say,  “Grandma?”)

There has to be a way to end

harassment via phone.

Avast, Ye Hearty Varmints!

Just Leave MY Phone Alone!

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