I need a sympathetic heart.

I need some understanding.

I need some quiet for my soul.

I need life less demanding.

I need to find more hope ahead.

I need to see more kindness.

I need to see a gentler world

where light and love can find us.

I need to know there’s purpose

in the daily things I do.

I need to laugh.  I need to play.

I need these things.  Don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Needs”

  1. So very true. My heart, like yours, has been battered by the events of the last six years, starting with the popularity of Trump and continuing through an attempted overthrow of an election and COVID. maybe we should find a Quaker gathering where we could sit quietly with people who love well.

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  2. Me too. I look for it every day. Thankfully, I engage with 150 kids everyday. I will share my stories with you. I hope they help.
    The funniest quote I had last week: “something would have to go terribly wrong in my life for me to enter a math career.” This was from a freshman student asking if he would need to take AP Calculus, which he could actually take as a senior.

    #2 Friday I had students teaching my class as we worked through problems. I toss a student a chocolate if the catch a math error I make. The teacher for the example decided to reward for right answers and tossing chocolate everywhere as students made right answers frequently. At the end of the example he finally stopped and “sorry, Mrs. Curry, got a little power hungry with the chocolates.”

    Kids are so goofy. I thank God I am teaching during this time.

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