Highland Park, Illinois

You’re not safe at a kid’s parade,

a school, or in a park.

You’re not safe where a

cold young man can kill you as a lark.

You’re not safe in a church or school

where young men with a gun

can kill you in a burst of blood

so they can have their fun.

You’re not safe when a young man

posts he wants to kill and kill,

and has a gun to do it with….

to kill you at his will.

You’re not safe where his right to kill

outranks your right to breath.

You’re not safe where raw politics

leads– once again– to death.

You’re not safe.  Oh, well.


2 thoughts on “Highland Park, Illinois”

  1. I was attending the NEA Rep Assembly meeting remotely which was held in Chicago. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when teachers there spoke about the students affected from that day.

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