The Daily Scam

“Good morning, Ma’am.

My name is Bard.

I’m calling about

your credit card.

Our computer was hacked.

(Ain’t that a bummer?)

I have to re-enter

your VISA number.

Sure, I can wait.

Won’t be but a minute.

You can check your purse

and see what’s in it.

On what date does the card expire?

(Just a few more questions

before you tire).

I need the safety code on back.

(It’s just because of this

Hack Attack).

Now, please confirm your billing address.

(I’m almost done,  I do confess).

And,will you please re-spell your name

so all our records are the same?

That’s all I need.

I thank you, Ma’am.

You’ve made me a

Very Happy Man.”

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