Alaska Airlines Flight  415 SeaTac to DFW

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

“I’ve flown ‘bout forty million miles.

No, Sir,  The records higher.

Yes, the flights stay mostly calm,

But, sure….things can turn dire.

We’re trained in safety.

Don’t you worry.

You’ll be fine.

No fret. No flurry.

I push carts up and down the aisle.

I’m always friendly.  Show a smile.

I’ll pass you food and drink and then

I’ll pick your garbage up again.

I’ve served to folks both kind and testy.

Served to folks both nice and pesky.

I always offer folks a smile

and keep things friendly down the aisle.

I can’t remember where I’ve been

But, yes, I’d do it all again

Ev’ry job has little quirks,

but this one has some awesome perks.

When you get off the plane today

you’ll hear the words I always say.

No matter what you say or do

‘It’s been a pleasure serving you.’ ”

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