King Charles

They’re going to coronate a king

with glitzy crowns and everything!

Oh, it will be a fancy show

with pomp and glitter, don’cha know?

Men with swords and fancy hats.

Dancing clowns and acrobats.

Grand parades and marching bands.

Little children holding hands.

Noisy drums and gongs that clang.

Fireworks bursting with a bang.

Stately carriage—prancing horse–

 velvet ropes to mark their course.

People lined up on the streets.

Vendors selling chips and sweets.

Ev’ry thing will be just grand.

They’ll  sing their anthem with the band!                                                             

The English sure can do it right!

They have it wrapped up nice and tight.

The cannons roar.  The bells all ring…

when England coronates its King!

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