3,471 US Deaths:  February 8, 2022

The virus is receding.

Fewer sick.  Fewer dead.

They say the path’s still risky but,

 we’ve better days ahead.

They say that pretty soon we could

unmask and show our face.

We could eschew a toe-tap for a

touching, warm embrace.

Life could be getting better, and,

I surely hope it’s so.

But, we’re  living with this virus.

We still have far to go.

Re-Entry Anxiety: A Conundrum

We now can open up our doors,

put on our masks, and go.

“They say” we find it hard to do –

 “re-entry” is going slow.

We’ve gotten used to staying home,

alone, behind closed doors –

going out, when needed, only to

essential stores.

The change is going slowly as we

cope with “Virus Dread”.

Tho now we can go right along

we’re staying home instead.