Where did all the people go?

Before the Pandemic,

there were drivers and clerks.

There seemed to be people

to show up for work.

But now it’s all diff’rent.

No one can be found

to fill all the jobs

that are dangling around.

There aren’t enough nurses

or drivers of trucks.

There aren’t enough tellers

to pass out the bucks.

There aren’t enough firemen

to put out the fire.

There aren’t policemen

for something that’s dire.

There aren’t enough teachers

to meet with the class.

There aren’t enough waiters

to fill up your glass.

There aren’t enough pilots to

fly the airplanes.

There aren’t enough washers

to clean window panes.

There used to be people

so where did they go?

A Pandemic myst’ry.

No one seems to know.

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