COVID – October, 2022

1.06 Million Deaths

When it began, they didn’t know

the damage it would do.

They thought it might be likened

to the 1918 flu.

They didn’t know the awful cost…

as COVID took its toll.

They didn’t know the challenge

to the fragile human soul.

Long months have passed.

It waxed and waned.

The death toll keeps on rising.

COVID doesn’t go away –

resilient, and surprising.

So COVID lingers with us…

always waiting for its chance,

waiting, ready to include us

in its own macabre dance.

Governor Inslee’s Proclamation

The Emergency’s over

in Washington State.

Who’d a thunk at the start

we’d have such a long wait.

Who’d a thunk how our lives

would be altered and changed.

Who’d a thunk how our habits

would be re-arranged.

Who’d a thunk that a blessing

like safe vaccination

would tear us apart and

disrupt our great nation.

Who’d a thunk we’d be lonely…

missing family or friend.

Who’d a thunk of the sickness—

the lives at an end.

Who’d a thunk?