Mask Mandate Ends at Midnight

Our Guv says:  COVID’s handled.

So, at midnight, we’re unmasked.

The worst is now behind us

‘cause we’ve done as we were asked.

Six million dead around the world…

it’s been a long two years.

We’ve hid and isolated

and we’ve raged and shed some tears.

Most have worked together,

done our part, and we’ve complied.

While a few have shouted “Freedom!”

as their neighbors failed and died.

5 thoughts on “Mask Mandate Ends at Midnight”

  1. I’m very curious how many students and staff will remain masked. I will have a mask when I work next to a student, but be unmasked when up front teaching.

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    1. i think that’s a smart idea. but, I won’t wear a mask in the grocery store. I haven’t been able to read the aisle signs for two years, and I’ll slip off the mask to read the signs!

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