Corona Virus Shuffle

It’s the Corona Virus Shuffle with

your grocery shopping cart.

Find stuff that’s cutely hidden

while you stay six feet apart.

Don’t forget to wear your

Covid Nineteen mask.

It’s easier if you write down

ev’ry single task.

Missed an item as you passed?

You must start back at Go.

Shopping aisles are now one way –

you can’t go to and fro.

Check out lines are dicey.

Diff’rent rules in every store.

Watch your list quite closely

since you can’t go back for more.

Sanitize your hands and cart.

Be careful how you cough.

Be sure you’re safely in your car

before your mask comes off.

My things grow old along with me

My furniture is battered.

The sofa’s getting worn.

The blanket binding’s splitting.

The carpets are forlorn.

The fixtures are so retro

stores don’t sell them anymore.

My hats and shoes and handbags should be

whisked right out the door.

But, if I rush around, and, in a frenzy, I replace

all the things I’m used to….

it just wouldn’t be my space!